Getting Cuba

The main way to access to Cuba is by air. Cuba is connected directly and by regular flights with around 50 cities in the world: the principal cities in Europe, America and Asia have regular flights to Cuba through 30 airlines.

There are 12 international airports located in the main cities and tourist destinations of the country, besides 9 national airports that connect the whole national territory.

The access by sea is also possible (anyway, Cuba is an archipelago) and can be carried out through the following marines and terminals of cruises:

In case the arrival is by sea the ship crew should communicate with the port authorities before entering in jurisdictional waters (12 nautical miles starting from the insular platform). The communications with the port authorities can settle down by the channel HF (SSB) 2760 of the National Coastal Network and 2790 of the Tourist Network, or by VHF by the Channel 68 for the National Coastal Network or Channel 16 for the Tourist Network.

When to go to Cuba?

Every time is good time to visit Cuba.

The climate is humid and hot from May to October, and relatively "cold" from November to April, but all the time are pleasant enough to enjoy the magnificent beaches and sun of that island.

Tourism high season go from December to April and from July to August, peak holiday months are December, July and August (these last months also to Cuban and foreign people). Hurricane season is from June 1th to November 30th, and Cuba is stroked by one hurricane one time every two years, as average.

Documents necessaries.

Any traveler to Cuba need to have a valid passport and a entrance visa or tourist card.