Hotel Plaza of Sancti Spiritus's city: under a renovated air of placidness.

plaza hotel, sancti spiritus
Plaza Hotel
Sancti Spiritus

The Plaza Hotel is an emblematic building located in the historical core of Sancti Spíritus's city, the hotel is recognized by their colonial characteristics and has been completely rejuvenated after several months of works. It is one among some others options available for those who wish to explore the beautiful city and discover the traditions, its customs and the life of the inhabitants of the district, located almost in the center of the country.

The mansion where the hotel is at this moment, owned by the Cubanacan Group since 1996, was built on 1843 as a large family house and it was transformed, on 1914, in a cafeteria and candy store, place of visits and meeting of the main landowners' of the central region of the island. In 1996, Cubanacan Group re-open the building as a tourist institution, after a capital reconstruction that intended to return it the characteristics of colonial style, included works in wood and architectural elements of the colonial period .

sancti spiritus central park
Central Park, on front of
Plaza Hotel, Sancti Spiritus

Plaza Hotel is a small and welcoming installation that has 25 acclimatized rooms, with radio, phone, cable TV, private bath with bathtub and shower with cold and hot water, minibar and balcony or terrace. The rooms were totally repaired and they are perfectly equipped. The hotel was re-opened on same dates of the XXIX International Meeting of Tourism was celebrated in Cuba, from May 4th to May 8th. The re-construction works included also the restaurant, specialized today in the Creole and international cuisine.

The Plaza Hotel stands out, also, for their excellence and to possess a simple and attractive decoration that is in complete harmony with the architecture of the city. It maintains their original elements and their wide interior garden that grant it an special attraction to this place, decked out at the moment with murals painted by Julio Neira, a local painter.

The hotel also has Cafeteria, reception / lobby, reading living room, Snack bar… and it is privileged by the professionalism of their staff and their comfortable rooms.

historical core, sancti spiritus
Historical core of cityl
Sancti Spiritus

Taking as starting point the distinguished Plaza Hotel, on Independence Street, it is possible to undertaken a journey by foot by the historical village and to visit, among other constructions, the Museum of Colonial Art (the House of One Hundred Doors), The Main Parochial (national monument), the bridge on the Río Yayabo, the Main Theater (1839) and the Library Ruben Martinez Villena.

Also, in the historical core of the city, the visitor will has the opportunity to appreciate more than a thousand facilities of architectural value very well conserved (where are visible and coincide different constructive styles: reminiscences of the Spanish, regional Baroque and the neoclassicist); many of them erected between the XVII and XIX centuries.

From the Plaza Hotel the visitor will has the opportunity to discover an approach to the history, the traditions, the customs and the culture of the city, the fourth among the first seven villages that were founded by the Spaniards in the Island on XVI Century, also, the visitor can walk in the quietness and placidness of old times along the narrow streets of city some of them paved with stones like the Llano Street, with its modest houses of colonial style that have resisted the pass of time, with wide interior patios where the light and coloring of the vitrales (coloured glasses) and an aureole of antiquity give them a distinctive touch of beautiful colonial mansions, among them the Quinta of Santa Elena. .

meson plaza, sancti spiritus
Plaza Mesonl
Sancti Spiritus
trova house, sancti spiritus
Trova House
Sancti Spiritus

Local investigators assure that Sancti Spíritus was re-located to the riverbanks of the Yayabo river on 1522, as testimony the fact that the construction of Main Parochial finished on 1680, after 60 years of work. The old village received the title of city on 1867, by Real Order.

Sancti Spiritus is almost a place of obligated visit when one travel from Havana to East of Cuba. It is minstrels' cradle and one of the Cuban cities where more can be enjoyed the nature and history of the island. The Plaza Hotel is the place that we recommend you to stay, if you take a break and see around a while in this city, before continuing trip