Phone calls to Cuba - International calls to any phone.

Phone calls to Cuba

Rebtel, a Swede company based in Stockholm, is currently the world’s second largest mobile VoIP (Voice Over IP) company and offers affordable international phone calls to almost 200 countries. Rebtel offers phone calls to Cuba at great price and high quality: 79.9¢/min to landline and 89.9¢/min to cellphones.

Rebtel offers a unique cheap international calling service that can be used from any phone. It doesn't matter if you have a smartphone, landline, mobile or cell, you can still make super cheap phone calls to your friends and family in Cuba or all over the world.

Call to Cuba or to any other country in the world.

Call from:


Enter the voucher code "Hicuba100%" (without quotes) and get an instant 100% bonus on your first call to Cuba.

Try by yourself : Five free minutes to test call.

Actual prices are:

Service Price $10 gets you
Mobile 89.9 /min 11 minutes
Fixed 79.9 /min 13 minutes
SMS 9.9 /sms 101 sms

How It works?

Find out how to make cheap phone calls to Cuba or any other country using nothing but your regular phone (not PIN number, not phone cards):

  1. Tell us where you're callling from! Fill out our easy sign up form and tell us which phone you'll use to make your Rebtel calls.
  2. Tell us who you want to call. Enter your friend's name and international number and we'll give you a unique local number for each friend, for ever.
  3. Call from your phone. Use your regular phone to call the local Rebtel number that we gave you. Rebtel connects the calling over the internet and you save almost 90% of normal calling cost. You can call to a landline or a mobile phone.

How can I call to Cuba?

Call to Cuba is the same to call to any other country, all you need to do is to dial:

Example: To call from USA to Havana (landline), you should dial:

Example: To call from USA to Havana or any other province cell phone, you should dial: