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Cuba car hire

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The most pleasant way to know any country is through the independence and autonomy that a car gives you. Cars can be rented at many points in Cuba (hotels, agencies in cities and tourist destinations, airports, etc.) but it is a good idea to booking the car in advance (doing it save your time and money).

In this page we offer around 25 different models of cars in various categories (economic, medium, medium-high, luxury, minivan, van) and with pick-up and drop off in the main cities, airports and tourist destinations on the island.

Our suppliers are the main wholesale agencies of the industry in Cuba: Cubacar, Havanautos and Rex, which are Transtur brands. However, we declare that we are intermediaries between the wholesalers and the client and we can only assume before the client the responsibility that concerns us directly in the process of renting a car.

We accept credit / debit cards online, including those issued by American banks.visa mastercard american express

Rent a car in Cuba

Important information!

  • Hicuba is an intermediary between the car's supplier and the customer, so we abide by Terms and Conditions of the suppliers. Main cars suppliers in Cuba are Cubacar, Havanautos and Rex brands, all belonging to Transtur.
  • Prices of the website are not definitive and may vary depending on last minute modifications made by our cars suppliers.
  • We confirm exclusively car's category, not specific brands or models.
  • Rental prices do not include insurance (except when specified), neither the guarantee deposit nor the fuel. These charges will be paid directly by the customer at pick up time.
  • Any car that is picked up at an airport will have an extra tax of 20.00 CUC.
  • Prices do NOT include taxes (7% of the total amount).
  • All reservations have an administrative charge of USD 10.00.
  • In the case of the offers, the price includes the insurance, only the guarantee deposit and the fuel will be paid when picking up the car.
  • Minimum rental period: 3 days in low and high seasons and 5 days in extreme high season. In the case of Sport category cars, the minimum rental period is 7 days, at any season.
  • Car must be returned before or at the time agreed in the contract. Any delays implies an extra charge.
  • Customer is liable for the violation of any or all of the clauses of the particular lease agreement and for that purpose will be penalized accordingly.

General conditions to rent a car in Cuba

  • Driver must have a minimum age of 21 years, except for the Sport category whose minimum age is 30 years.
  • Customer needs to have a driving license with more than 2 years since being issued. At pick up time are necessary bring the passport and driving license.
  • Cars can be returned only for the person who made the car contract. Additional driver, if there is one, will not be able to drop off the car.
  • Car must be returned at the same time of pick up. Delayed drop off involves the application of a penalty that may be equivalent of one day's rent.
  • It is possible to rent the car in one place and drop off in another place, but you should always pay an extra fee.

Tips for driving a car in Cuba

  • In Cuba, you drive on the right. Drivers from Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and Japan must have aware.
  • The shape and standard of the roads of Cuba, including their signaling, are much lower than the standards of the United States, Canada and Europe, so, it is recommended to take extreme precautions when driving.
  • Avoid driving at night on rural roads, you may have unexpected encounters with loose pets, potholes, animal-drawn carriages and / or bicycles without lights.
    The general limits of speed are:
    • highways, 100 Km / h
    • national and first-class roads, 80 km / h
    • secondary roads and embankments, 60 Km / h
    • urban areas, 50 km / h, except in school or children's games areas, where the speed limit is 40 km / h
    • The use of seat belts is mandatory in the front seats of vehicles.
    • Driving while alcohol intoxicated implies heavy fines or imprisonment if an accident is caused.
    • Do not argue to traffic police, be courteous and patient. Treat the agent of the authority as "Officer" or "Agent".
    • There are currently no GPS navigation systems installed in the cars of any of the car rental companies (Havanautos, Cubacar or Rex). However, you can use apps for tablet and smartphone or acquire maps for your Garmin device and bring them with you. Read here about maps of Cuba for GPS navigators .
      Also, you can get help to trace your route and chack distances between two or more cities or tourist destinations in this routing map in Cuba .
    • Check your car before leaving the rental office. Notify the staff of the rental company if you discover dents or any other damage to the car and demand that it be noted in the contract. This way you will avoid having to pay for damages that you did not cause.
    • Keep a copy of the rental agreement with the car. Police or other authorities may ask to see you if you commit a traffic violation or have any mishaps with the car.