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Flight from Unided Kingdom to Cuba
From London to Havana
882 €
From Manchester to Havana
835 €
From Glasgow to Havana
804 €
From Birmingham to Havana
693 €
From Edinburgh to Havana
727 €
From Stuttgart
Flight from Canada to Cuba
From Montreal to Havana
601 $
From Toronto to Havana
618 $
From Quebec to Havana
1700 $
From Ottawa to Havana
1024 $
From Calgary to Havana
1127 $
From Vancouver to Havana
1098 $
From Edmonton to Havana
1363 $
From Halifax to Havana
943 $
From Ontario to Havana
693 $
From Winnipeg to Havana
984 $
Flight from USA to Cuba
From Miami to Havana
400 $
From Tampa to Havana
From New York to Havana
From Los Angeles to Havana
1047 $
From San Diego to Havana
690 $
From Dallas to Havana
1024 $
From San Francisco to Havana
Flight from Europe to Cuba
From Dublin to Havana
802 €
From Paris to Havana
750 €
From Berlin to Havana
1111 €
From Munich to Havana
1246 €
From Frankfurt to Havana
554 €
From Rome to Havana
901 €
From Milan to Havana
902 €
From Brussels to Havana
909 €
From Amsterdam to Havana
1051 €
From Zurich to Havana
929 €
From Moscow to Havana
970 €
From St Petersburg to Havana
Others countries
From Cayman Island to Havana
342 $
From Panama City to Havana
618 $
From Perth to Havana
From Melbourne to Havana
4892 $
From Sidney to Havana
3644 $

When to Fly to Cuba.

Peak Season:

Most travellers book Cuba flights or Havana flights between December and April, these months have the best weather around the year, also is high season the months of July and August because the vacation time, but some places like Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero have peak seasons that extend all year long.

Low Season:

May, June, September and October are low season and flights to Cuba are more cheaper than the rest of year, these months coincide with hurricanes season. Intrepid travellers can save money by visiting Cuba at this time.

How can I get the cheapest deal in air tickets?

Entry Requirements in Cuba.

Most countries citizens must have a valid passport. A visa is also required.

A Tourist Visa Card may be issued by Cuban Embassy, tour operators, travel agents or airlines for a holiday trip of up to 30 days. A return ticket or proof of onward travel is required, as well as sufficient funds to cover intended period of stay. Passports of nationals with diplomatic representations in Cuba need to be valid only at the moment of entry, but passports of nationals without diplomatic representations in Cuba must be valid for two months beyond date of entry.

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