Principals tourism destinations in Cuba.


playa de varadero
Varadero beach
Matanzas province

Varadero is one of more beautiful Cuban beaches, and also is the best equipped beach of the island. It is located in Peninsule of Hicacos in the north coast of Matanzas province, 140 km (87.5 miles) to east of the City of Havana and it's connected to Havana by a freeway of great visual beauty. Varadero has, also, an international airport connected with several cities of North America and Europe.

More than 20 km (12.5 miles) of beaches of the best quality, 14000 rooms in around 50 hotel facilities, 70% of which are category of 4 and 5 stars; restaurants, night clubs, golf fields, marines and centers of nautical sports, as well as a privileged climate and other natural beauties as cliffs, keys, lagoons and natural parks that transform it into one of the main tourist destinations of Cuba.

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Havana City

ciudad de la habana
Malecon at night
Havana City

Havana is the capital of the country and almost from their foundation in 1519 the city became the main commercial, economic and communication center due to their favored location in front of the Strait of Florida and to their magnifies bay.

Havana is the main square for tourism in the island today, supported in its centennial history, in the existence of beaches of magnifies quality, an incredible cultural where is highlights the colonial center of Old Havana and its mixture of architectural styles. Also the city has a powerful tourist infrastructure with more of 10000 rooms in hotels and inns and hundreds at private homes, the best and more famous restaurants and palates of the country, dozens of night clubs, discos and other night centers as the famous cabaret Tropicana, marines and facilities for all type of sports, golf fields, around 30 museums, 10 art galleries and near 20 theaters that make it, also, the cultural center of the country..

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Old Havana

paseo del prado
Prado Promenade
Havana City

Old Havana is the maximum exponent of the colonial architecture in the island and in the whole Caribbean. Located in the riverbank west of the bay of Havana and with 3.2 km (2.0 miles) in the axis north-south and 1.6 km (1.0 miles) in the axis east-west, it is the biggest colonial center in the Caribbean.

Declared as Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1982 with the objective of preserving their architecture and their historical inheritance, Old Havana stores in its environment many of more beautiful and important squares, buildings, historical monuments, museums and forts of the colonial time of the island, as well as some of their more famous restaurants and hotels (La Bodeguita del Medio, El Floridita, Both Worlds hotel, for example).

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Santiago de Cuba

catedral de santiago de cuba
Cathedral and Parque Cespedes
Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second city of Cuba and also the capital of the province of the same name, characterized by the interaction between the main mountain range of the island, Sierra Maestra, and the Caribbean Sea. Santiago de Cuba is mountain and sea, Caribbean sea. The city, built in an hilly area next to the bay of the same name and having of backdrop the Sierra Maestra is very picturesque and full with beautiful physical scenarios and also has an important historical and cultural inheritance. There are interesting museums and forts of the colonial time, squares and buildings, ruins of French coffee plantations and other attractiveness of all type among can be counted also some beautiful beaches and remains of Admiral Cervera's fleet, alive monuments reminders of Hispanic-Cuban-American War, 1898.

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Jardines del Rey

jardines del rey
Jardines del Rey
Ciego de Avila province

Covering a total surface of 2,685 square miles, this tourist region lies off the waters of the central provinces (Ciego de Avila, Villa Clara and Camaguey), some 310 miles east of Havana and less than three nautical miles away from the southern borderline of the Bahamas Old Channel, a major international maritime corridor.

The northern keys lie across the calm, shallow waters of Bahia de los Perros (Dogs Bay). A 10-mile-long stilted dirt road (known locally as pedraplen) hooks up the islets with the province of Ciego de Avila and the rest of the main island, though the Cayo Coco International Airport is the destination's main gateway for travelers.

The environment here is brimming with ecological and scenery values. Breathtaking coral-reef beaches that stretch out dozens of miles, a diverse and luring flora and wildlife, gorgeous sea bottoms, and stable and balmy weather conditions are some of the main attributes that lay bare the incredible headway this tourist circuit has made.

Today, that marvelous circuit is at the peak of a stepped-up expansion process in terms of hotel and extra-hotel infrastructure after coming in for a million sunbathers in little more than ten years of operations. There you can visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo adn Cayo Paredon Grande and Cayo Santa Maria and Las Brujas among others.

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calle en trinidad
Trinidad street
Sancti Spiritus province

The city of Trinidad is located in the center of the island, in Sancti Spiritus's province. Trinidad is one of the first villages were founded in Cuba (1514) and it has been declared by UNESCO Humanity's Cultural Patrimony and it is where the architecture and the best colonial air have been conserved in the island. Trinidad is also known as Museum City of the Caribbean region. In fact it is one of those more charming and magic cities in the whole Caribbean and Latin America.

In neigbors of city, of great natural beauty, there are Valley of Sugar Factories (Valle de los Ingenios), also Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, Ancón beach, located some few kilometers of distance, and Sierra del Escambray (Escambray Range), a true ecological paradise.

There are in the city numerous hotel facilities, dozens of rooms in houses private, good restaurants and night centers and cultural facilities.

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palacio de valle
Palace of Valle

The City of the Sea, Cienfuegos, is without doubts the more beautiful city of Cuba. Located in the center-south of the country, in the riverbanks of the bay of Jagua, it was founded by French coming from Louisiana in the year 1819. There are beautiful parks, theaters, churches, cemeteries full with sculptural monuments of great value, architectural jewels as the Palace of Valley and the theater Terry. The impressive bay serves as mark for the practice of all type of aquatic sports and to some few kilometers of the urban center Rancho Moon's beach is located, of coralline sands.

In Cienfuegos and their surroundings there are 7 hotel facilities, two of them of category 4 stars, dozens of rooms in houses matters, good restaurants and night centers and other optional ones recreational.

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jardines del rey
Guantánamo province

The first founded city of Cuba is Baracoa, it was founded by Diego Velazquez in the year 1511 in the oriental end of the island. The physical isolation in that the city stayed for 4 centuries and an exuberant nature gives him an unique air in the island, the original layout of the village stays as well as own danzario-culinary manifestations and an wood architecture in nonpareil in the country. Besides the beautiful natural environment that one enjoys in Baracoa in which the rivers Honey and Toa stand out (the but mighty of Cuba), the existence of good beaches at little distance of the urban center and of the rich flora and fauna, the city has an intrinsic attractiveness and cultural and historical values.

There are 3 hotel category 3 stars, dozens of rooms in houses matters in many of which also serve foods, good restaurants and at least one magnificent private restaurant ("paladar"). The access can be by bus or car through La Farola, an unique scenic road, and for air..

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Valley of Viñales
Pinar del Río province

It is the more famous tourist destination of Pinar del Rio province and these is characterized by the beauty of the landscape, in which stand out the mogotes, so much in solitary as limestone mountains, alternating with the vegas of tobacco, the cultivation fields and the rural houses.

The valley of Viñales is located in the center of the Sierra de los Organos (Organos Range) and this combination of natural and cultural landscape have won him the category of Natural Landscape of Humanity given by the UNESCO. They stand out, also, the flora and the fauna of the region for their exclusivity and several caves systems that classify among those but beautiful and but big of Latin America. This tourist destination possesses good tourist infrastructure with around 200 rooms in 3 hotels and dozens of rooms in houses private, several restaurants and night centers..

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Cayo Largo del Sur

cayo largo del sur
Cayo Largo del Sur
Los Canarreos Archipelago

Cayo Largo del Sur is a small and paradisiac island located at South of the island of Cuba, in the Canarreos Archipielago, on the middle of Caribbean Sea.

Cayo Largo is a very well conserved and natural island, and has around 20 Km of sandy beaches of great quality, with limpid waters and white sand. That is a fact that its virginity and beautiful beaches constitute its main tourist attractiveness.

There, the fauna is rich in species mainly of birds and fishes, although here the iguanas highlight for its popularity, they are a kind of reptiles that have a very terrific looking despite they are totally inoffensive.

The access to Cayo Largo is fundamentally by air through a modern international airport although it is also possible to arrive via ship through the marine one that exists in the place..

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Cayo Santa María

cayo santa maria
Cayo Santa Maria
Villa Clara province

Cayo Santa María, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Las Brujas are all located in front of the north coast of province of Villa Clara, to about 30 Kms of mainland. They are part of a group of cays (small islands) well known as Cayos de La Herradura, they are more of 500 small islands dispersed in an area of crystalline and shallow waters limited at north by a very large coralline barrier.

You can arrive to these cays through a highway (48 Km long) built over the sea, or, also you can arrive to these cays via airplane through the Las Brujas Airport.

The principal attractiveness of these keys are the beautiful beaches, magnificent sand and plentiful sun, all in a practically natural and virginal environment. There, also you can find some of the best hotels in Cuba and sea sport, fishing, diving and others natural activities.

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