Términos y Condiciones

All visitor, user or client, from now, the Client, should read the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of this website, since all reservation that the Client will make will be done on the base that these Terms and Conditions are accepted, settled y Servicios Global s.a. - Hicuba.com, from now, the Agency:

1. Payment of requested services

The payments policy of Servicios Global - Hicuba.com establishes that all the services that are reserved require the pre-payment of at least 25% of the total amount. The credit / debit card will be debited in USD; if the payment is carried out for bank transfer the amount it can delay up to 7 days in being credited in the bank account of the Agency.

The payment of hotels, cars, tourist packages, tours, flexi programs, or other services will be made with at least 48 hours before starting date, in the case of air tickets for domestic flights it will be made 15 days before the date of the flight, the nonfulfillment of these terms will bear to the cancellation of the reservation.

Also, the Agency take the right to cancel any service of which the payment has not been received on time, still if the Client claims to have made the payment. It is recommended the Client to make the payment with enough time to avoid cancellation of their services, especially when the payment is made by bank transfer.

The total price includes the cost of the reserved services, the taxes and the administrative banks fees. They don't include services not stated on the formal confirmation of the hired service sent by email. The reservation is guaranteed still if the Client's arrival is delayed.

The client will only must pay for confirmed services, if for any reason a client pays services that not have been confirmed, all the refund fees will be run at his / her expenses.

The Agency uses as payment processor two well established companies: Caribbean Online and Multicards Internet Billing. Both of them have high security standard, and all transactions are assured using technology of Secure Socket Layer (SSL v3), technology of high security, encrypted with 128 bit and certified by VeriSign.

CARIBBEAN ONLINE, MULTICARDS.COM, BUY-SECURE.COM or WORLDEMAIL.COM will appear in the state of bills of the Client bank / credit card.

2. Bookings

All bookings request will be processed immediately and it will be confirmed as soon as possible, mostly between 48 hours. Some services like circuit and tours could take more time, sometime until 15 days.The Agency doesn't take the responsibility for the attributable delays to the suppliers.

The Agency confirmed to the Client bookings that have been confirmed previously by the supplier of the requested service, and it won't become responsible for situations arisen as overbooking consequence or other accidental ones that impede to the Client of the enjoyment of the hired service and that are supplier's resposibility, however the Agency will work on good faith with the supplier of the service to get a reasonable solution for the Client.

2.1. CarsThe Agency only confirms category of cars, non models (the same as the other agencies operating in Cuba), and the following conditions are applied to all cars bookings:

2.2. Hotels The categorization of the hotels used by the Agency is the established one by competent authorities in the country and it can vary with regard to the standard applied in other countries. The service in any hotel can be interrupted in any moment by renovations, maintenance or construction, the Agency is only an intermediary and it is not responsible for the quality or of the interruptions of the service.

3. Updating and veracity of information on web site.

All the information that appears on this web site has been verified and it is upgraded periodically, however the Agency declares that this information is solely descriptive, the Client occasionally could find outdated information, the Agency is not responsible for any accidental change in the information showed on the web site, or of the use that the Client or visitor of the web site makes with that information.

4. Price of services.

All the rates in thia web site are in USD (American Dollars) and all payment of services must be done on this currency. All payments of services in Cuba will be done in CUC (Cuban Converible Peso). The Agency will not accept in any case the payment of services with USD in cash.

The Agency is reserved the right of changing the fares published on the web site without previous warning, or to apply taxes, or increase services fares as consequence of the increase of the prices in services that the suppliers could apply, in any moment.

5. Travel Documents.

The Client will be the responsible for the travel documents demanded in the country, as a valid passport for 6 months, the entrance visa or the tourist's card. The Agency doesn't take any responsibility for the consequences and economic losses that the Client can suffer for the lack or loss of these documents.

6. Force major.

The Agency it is not responsible for reclamations, losses, costs, expenses, delays or loss of the enjoyment of hired services that could affect to the Client as consequence of events outside of the control of the Agency or a supplier, including, but not limited, to natural disasters, any labor dispute or interruption, wars, blockades, earthquakes, climatic conditions, or acts or restrictions imposed by the government authorities. In the specific case of hurricanes the Client will be re-located in a destination far from the hurricane forecast track.

7. Reclamations.

Any reclamation to the Agency will be processed by writing before abandoning the national territory, the reclamations made after leaving Cuba won't be reasonable. The reclamations should be made in the office in Havana Building, Miramar Trade Center, Havana, between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, from Monday to Friday, or for email in case it is not business day.

8. Afiliattes programs.

Hicuba.com offers many services through affiliates programs of other travel agencies or other services provider.

The travel agencies whose services are available in Hicuba are all them trustworthy and prestigious companies, such as VacacionarTravel, Cuba Travel Network, Rumbo, Rebtel, and others among the main ones.

When the Client. acquires a service in Hicuba.com through one of these affiliates programs he /she should understand and to accept that:

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations of paid services always will have a penalization that will depend on how was made the payment of this services:

  1. Cancellations of services that were paid by bank transfer will be penalized with the bank administrative fees associated to the refund + 25 USD for administrative expenses.
  2. Cancellations of services that were paid by credit / debit cards will be penalized with 9% of the total amount + 25.00 USD for administrative expenses.
  3. Affiliate programs have their own cancellations policy, likely different to our one, and the Client should read and understand them prior the purchase of any service.

Also, the cancellation penalization could be increased in dependence of cancellation's date. To avoid it, cancellation must be done at least seven day previous the check in date.