The more important Cuba's tourism destinations in the East Region of Cuba

Cuba' regions

Las Tunas

Las Tunas is a province that at the present time has little developed the tourist sector but this doesn't mean that it lacks attractiveness. Their main points of interest are:

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It is a rich province in mining resources and an important tourist destination in the country with many beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast. It has also a rich history. Their main attractiveness are:

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Province of magnificent nature and rich history plagued of events of fights for the independence and more recently of fights between Fidel Castro's guerilla fighters and the troops of Fulgencio Batista's government. Their main attractiveness are:

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Santiago de Cuba

It is characterized by a mountainous relief conditioned by the fact that the Sierra Maestra (Maestra Range) extends for great part of their territory. Main tourist attractiveness concentrate basically on the south area and they are:

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Guantanamo is the most oriental of Cuban provincesand also a territory full with contrasts in their spectacular natural scenarios, arid coasts almost are given of the hand with mountainous areas where rainfalls are very high. Guntanamo is that: a rural and beautiful nature and their main tourist attractiveness are related strongly with their nature, with their mountains:

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